Around the Top Fish Restaurants in Milan: Langosteria Bistrot

It is not a secret that,even if it is not by the seaside, Milan gets its hands on the freshest fish in the county. As passionate seafood lovers, me and the sweetets one decided to start checking all the top fish restaurants in town, (according to TripAdvisor or reccomendations from friends).

The first one in our list was Langosteria. Actually, after the first opening, a few years ago of Langosteria Restaurant, now there is Langosteria Cafe and Langosteria Bistrot. We went to the latter.

The ambiance, as the name suggests, is French inspired, intimate and relaxed, however, not romantic. It is mostly frequented by locals, football players and Italian celebrities included.

The menu is not vast but does travel accross the Italian regions, offering a sufficient choice of authentic delicacies.

We started with raw fish antipasto accompanied by a homemade sauce made of olive oil with sun dried tomatoes and olives. The taste was superb – fresh and delicate.

The next dishes, that you can see in the photos below, were good as well. However, I expected more, both in terms of presentation and flavor mix. Not that they weren’t delicious. But I can do them at home with basic ingredients and without too much effort. And if I can do them, they are not interesting for me.

I was particularly disappointed by my grilled octopus which tasted (and looked) like a boiled one. I guess Greeks are the only nation capable of doing it right.

Apart the lack of creativity, that I always struggle to find, the overall experience was quite positive. And considering that at Langosteria Bistrot it is close to impossibile to find a table without booking, I think that I might be the only person who left the venue not completely satisfied.

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