Best Gourmet Pizza in Milan: Karné

I don’t like pizza. I only eat it as favor to the sweetest one, who, on the contrary goes crazy about it. Usually I accept a visit to a pizzeria ony after we have been at the japanese or fish rstaurant, at least several times in each.

But this time things are different. Next week I am taking him for a ….pizza! I discovered one newly open restaurant in Milan – Karné, which is specialized in barbeque meat, gourmet pizzas and sweets.

The world gourmet is the game changer in this case. The right combination of toppings can make or break even the best crust. At Karné the pizza man apparently is on a mission to feed al the senses of the clients. He does it quite successfully and I finally I managed to enjoy a mix that goes beyond the classic 5 ingredients that reign in the Italian cuisine.

The best part is that the delicacies parade doesn’t stop here. The restaurant also offers sumptuous starters, organic pasta and a selection of meat that will tempt even the vegetarians. Oh, and did I forget the homemade sweets, which are not only yummy but also particularly well presented. On the latter fact, however, I need to trust the word of my friend as did what I usually do when I don’t have anything better to do – go to work :D. But I won’t miss the chance to try them as soon as I go back.

Karné is near the Central Railway Station, in Zuccoli 6, Str. For more info and menu you can visit their website.



  • Sunita Rajwade

    I stayed for a week in Milan and ate at the smallest neighbourhood eateries but the pizzas were always yum. Will definitely try the gourmet pizzas you suggest the next time I’m there

    • Gabi

      And the next time you are here drop me a message 🙂
      We could eat pizza together.
      Btw the best pizzas I had were Indian (in Thailand).