Tha Spanish Bar in China Town: Recreo Bar Sartoria

Finally I made it to Recreo Bar Sartoria. It has been intriguing me since last summer with its interesting concept but I had never had the chance to visit as I always happened to be in China Town when it was closed. Until last week, when I discovered that now it stays open from breakfast to late drinks time.

What I like about this place is the original interior design. Unique 60,s influenced tailored dresses, made by the Andalusian designer Elena, mingle perfectly with the vintage furniture. In the evening the place gets very crowded and the reason is easy to understand. They offer good cocktails ( 7 euros the alcoholic, 6 euros the non alcoholic, 5 euros the soft drinks), nice selection of Spanish wines, tinto de verano included, and last, but actually first in importance, some delicious treats such as pulpo a la gallega ( 3.5 euros), boquerones en vinagre (3 euros) or jamon pata negra (12 euros).

I hope to try all of the above next week, and when I do I will upload it here. Stay tuned <3

Recreo Bar Sartoria is in China Town in Milan, in Alfredo Albertini, 9 Street.

By the way, te next post will be about the wc’s around Milan, don’t miss it 🙂