Al Garghet: The Romantic Restaurant in Milan

If you are in Milan and want to impress someone Al Garghet is the place to go.

About 25 minuted drive from the city center, in  the middle of the corn fields, a narrow road will lead you to a building from the XIII century. You can follow your gps or the croak of the frogs. Yes, the frogs, because Al Garghet in Milanese dialect means the sound that the sweet (hmmm) amphibians do. In any case follow something because if you are a first timer you could get lost, without too much effort.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and rural, a fact that you will notice as soon as your stilettos click the parking lot’s gravel. Once you overcome this obstacle you will be welcomed by a well curated, lush garden and by the enatrance of the restaurant which gives the impression of being at someone’s home. Colorful abat-jour, a number of photos, little frames and soft arm chairs make the place warm and cozy.

As soon as you proceed, if interior design is your thing, there will be a lot of distractions for you along the way. Every room or outdoor space has its own charm, beautifully curated with seasonal flowers, country tabclecloths and memorabilia and collectables from the past. I myslef took a picture of every angle, once as I stepped in in once when I was about to leave.

The menu is very focused on typical Lombardy and, accordingly, is written in the local dialect. Luckily for the non connoisseurs there is also a translation beneath. The Northern Italian cuisine doesn’t make it to the top of my favorites’ list at all but I can appreciate the good food, and trust me, at Al Garghet you can not go wrong. The portions are extremely abundant and the delicacies you can savor include Tripe the Milanese Way, Fried Gnocchetto with ham, Homemade pasta with gorgonzola cheese and wallnuts , Large (very large indeed) flat loin cutlet or a Kidney cooked in Marsala wine. There is also a selection of vegetarian meals which were my go-to choices.

Here is the photo recap of our lavish lunch.

ps. Al Garghet is in Selvanesco, 36 Str, Milan. Reachable with a car.

pss. For the menu in English click here (or Italian).