Mikumi: One Day Safari from Dar es Salaam

In the previous post I mentioned how we organized our one-day-safari to Mikumi from a distance thanks to Mojhi.

After we handed mr Alexander around 500 euros in cash we had just to wait until next morning and see if our driver will actually come. He did!

At 5 am we started our journey to the savana which was quite exciting itself. I wish I could say that we wached the city coming slowly back to life but the fact s that everyone was already fully awake, people were walking all around, some were playing billiards and there was even some serious traffic. After an hour we managed to get out of Dar es Salaam and were able to see the different landscapes that unfolded in front of us. Red soil, tall mountains, smal villages, markets and masai selling grilled goats were all part of the scenery.

After 5 hours we arrived in an area full of warnings. The main road actually cuts straight through Mikumi so seeing animals crossing it is not that uncommon. Once we entered the main gate of the park, which only purpose is to collect the fees, we started the game drive.

Patrick, our driver, proved to be very capable as he thrilled us with the dips and dives along the bushes. His sight was impressive as he was able to see animals very distant from us that I had difficulties spotting even with my 250mm lens.

Unfortunately we didn’t see the lions, on the brighter side my better half was about to step on a giant crocodile. I still can not figure out why the only place where it is possible to get off the car is where all the reptiles live 😀

Without further ado, here are the photos.

PS. On a final note, I am super satisfied with Mojhi’s customer service and their Tanzanian partner Usambara. If you ever need and avdenture in India, Nepal or Tanzania be sure to check them out.

PPS. The giraffe is my favorite animal