Mikumi Wildlife Lodge: Eat with the Giraffes

After a few hours of game drive we got hungry and since it is not possible to eat any of the animals we encountered we headed to Mikumi Wildlife lodge.

After we chose from the not-so-vast menu we had plenty of time to indulge in the beatiful savana scenery. The silence was complete, with only our heart beat thundering the stillness.

Surrounded by the wildlife we had another chance to appreciate more giraffes, monkeys and warthogs following their everyday routine close to us. During the whole lunch we were observed by two families of tall, long-neck, patchy friends. I think they wanted my avocado salad but at the end they had to settle with the usual acacia leaves.

Mikumi Wildlife Lodge is very close to the entrance gate and is a must visit place if you want to enjoy a good meal with the best view.

Here are the photos. The giraffes are near the trees.