FW 17/18 Fashion Trends

A quick recap of the fashion trends for FW 17/18, as seen at Milano Unica.

Elegance is timeless. It outlives any fashion and pervades the spirit.

It’s by the creativity of six great personalities that we’ve been guided to create a story of trends that would express the sublime side of elegance. 

No slogans, no abstract themes to define the new trends, but the real names of the people whose creativity and genious represent a huge concrete reference.

1.Alberto Burri vs Renzo Piano

  • chromed stitchings
  • mix of materials
  • artistic burns
  • explosion of volumes
  • iron and rusted iron effect
  • pattern padding

2.Lucio Fontana vs Katsushika Hokusai

  • jacquard with kimono patterns
  • heavy duty textiles
  • fancy patterns
  • hairy yarns

3. Walter Albini vs Piero Portaluppi

  • check games
  • blurred lines
  • degradé patterns on shirt fabrics
  • graphic pattern games