Zanzibar: One Day at Kendwa Beach

Kendwa or Nungwi is a dilemma many travelers to Zanzibar face. Our first base on the island was Nungwi but just because most of the hotels in Kendwa were already fully booked. Being most of the top hotels there I assumed that this is the right place to be.

In a hindsight I can tell that I liked Nungwi much more because of the dramatic change of the scenery the high and low tides cause.

On the other side Kendwa is the only beach in Zanzibar unaffected by tidal shifts which translates in white sand beach and the chance to swim all day long without having to walk for miles towards the reef.

We got there by taxi for 15.000 shillings but it is also possible to have a pleasant walk along the beach as the distance from Nungwi is just 3 kms. Of course such a pleasant activity is only possible during the lowest of tides or the risk of being smashed against the rocks can become extremely real.

As you can see from the photos we didn’t choose the best day for our excursion but at least we saw the rainy side of Zanzibar.