El Porteño: The Argentinian Night Out in Milan

El Porteño is a restaurant that is impossible not to notice.
Even if you walk on the other side of the street you will get aware ot its existence thanks to the inviting and unequivocal smell of grilled meat.

The atmospehere of the venue will have you feeling like you have stepped in a restaurant in old Buenos Aires. The exotic brunette girl at the cash desk just adds to the general mood.

The portions are huge, at least for me. It would be a shame if you miss out on the Entraña but what I liked the most were the side dishes made of baked sweet potatoes and pumpkin (I am a veggie lover so I wouldn’t say I am unbiased).

El Porteno is one of the best Argentinian restaurants in Milan, with a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance. It really heats up at dinner so it is always a good idea to book in advance in order to avoid waiting outside the door for an hour or so to snag seats.

We paid around 230 euros (we were in four) for what you see in the photos, plus two bottles of wine and a couple of empanadas.

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