Chatuchak Market’s Best 6 Cafes to Get a Refreshing Drink

Shopping is a taugh task, even more so when it involves hundreds of shops and a labyrinth of small alleys. Add a bit of tropical heat and what you’ve got is Chatuchak – the weekend market of Bangkok.

I have already covered what can you expect from it here and here so this post is dedicated to the moment when you shop and right before you drop. In other words to the best cafes to get a refreshing drink, a breakfast, lunch or a dessert.

Here they are:

  1. Hidden Hands – not just coffee but also designer clothes and accessories. Everything Made in Thailand. Section 24 soi 34/1

    2. Product of Gargoyle – again not just a coffee place but much more. Section 26, soi 1/4

    3. WanTong Cafe – natural ligth, white marble and pending flowers, it totally stands out. Section 26, soi 1/4. This one and the previous one are literally in front of each other. If you manage to find one, you manage to find both of them.

    4. Brio Bistro & Bar – if pizza, nuggets and beer are your thing be sure to check this place out. Section 2, soi 40/3

    5. Tropical swell – the exotic kind of venue with an Australian vibe. Section 3, soi 46/3

    6. The Breakfast Club – They say breakfast but tome it is more like a brunch place, very small, with just a few seats. Section 3, Soi 46/1