Jim Thompson Farm: Flower Fields in Thailand

Jim Thompson Farm is the place where you are likely to see a cosmos of beautiful flowers in full bloom and a paralel universe of tourists and photo enthusiasts. When I say tourists I don’t mean foreigners because I actually didn’t see any, but crowds of locals who take advantage of the just one month opening to the public.

Located in Nakhon Ratchasima province, it is a few hours drive north-east from Bangkok. The farm offers the opportunity not only to witness a picturesque landscape but also to observe  the full life cycle of the silkworms and the silk farming process as part of the Isan way of life. We didn’t do the latter as we kind of lost ourselves in taking pictures with every flower and tree out there as you can see below.

There is not other way to get there but by car. Once you arrive, there are small buses who wil drive you around the fields and in the mean time you could also hear Jim Thompson’s story but only in Thai.

Farm is open every day but only for a month, from December to January, when in Thailand it is the coolest season (oh, what a coincidence, in Italy as well) and the flowers are in their peak blooms.