From Bangkok to Koh Lipe: One weekend in the Tropics

The first time I heard about Koh Lipe was not long before we went there with my friend Sofia. We organized everything just three weeks earlier but luckily we found convenient flight with Air Asia for around 80 usd and even a decent place where to sleep (a hut!) considering that 90% of the hotels were booked.

From Hat Yai airport we booked a private shared car to Pak Bara pier and then a boat to Koh Lipe with Thai Beach Travellers. I found the company on Google and did everything online (it costed 2000 thb for both ways) . The website is very easy to use and the trip was seamless. Just be sure to call them if your flight is late because otherwise they won’t wait for you more than the 10-15 courtesy minutes.

So after waking up at 5 am, taking the plane, driving for 1 hour and a half  and boat tripping for another 90 minutes we arrived in Koh Lipe.

The hardest question I face every time I am on an island is on which beach to stay. But in the case of Koh Lipe it is not such a big issue because the island is really small, so you could walk around it in several hours.

However, if I had to choose one it would either Pattaya beach where all the fun is or Sunrise beach, on the end that is closer to Andaman Resort.

Out huts were closer to Sunset beach but during the day we walked without too much effort to all the other parts of the islands. In the evening I always prefered the motorbike taxi as there were many stray dogs of whose intentions I wasn’t sure.

Here is how Koh Lipe looks like (every picture is named after the beach where it was taken).


  • Sunita Rajwade

    Your holidays always make me want to reach out and click GO. Don’t you find the sun too hot though?

    • Gabi

      I am glad they have this side effect 🙂 Too hot? The hotness can never be too much for me but to be honest Koh Lipe was ok for me, Bali, on the other hand, was dangerously hot and UV overdosed.