Chasing Colorful Places: Varenna on Lake Como

My new mission for this spring is to explore more of the places around Milan. The first day trip was decided literally on my way to the train station. I hopped in the first train going in the direction of Lake Como and then googled the stops. This is how I ended up in Varenna , a colorful harbor town right on the shore of the lake.

It is less popular than its grander neighbours but that makes it even more charming for me. But don’t get me wrong, by saying less popular I don’t mean it was not crowded. Even now, in April, the train to get her was full packed as were all the restaurants. And probably it gets even busier in summer.

Varenna is mainly a good spot to wind down and enjoy the lake or visit the two villas nearby, Villa Monastero and Villa Cipresso, that boast some stunning gardens. I left the latter two for a next visit as I was quite busy exploring every corner of this charming town.

Here are some pretty corners from this attractive village.

*Varenna is easily reachable by train from Milan. It takes around 1 hour and the ticket costs € 6.70.