Viu Hotel Milan: The New Entry in Town

VIU Hotel is the latest five star addition to the glamorous hotel scene in Milan and the only one that boasts a rooftop terrace and a pool with 360 degree view.

The exclusive terrace is reserved just for the guests so if you want to enjoy a cocktail on the top you will have to book first one of the ten types of rooms that VIU offers. It’s not a big sacrifice though, considering that all the interiors are custom made by the Italian iconic brand Molteni&C and the luxury feel can be perceived in every corner of the hotel.

Equally unmissable is the gourmet experience lead by the Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Morelli. If you enjoy being in the center of the action you can bok the table that is right in the heart of the kitchen and enjoy the theatrics unfolding in front of you while indulging in a special menu with Lombard delicacies.

Where: Viu Hotel is in Via Aristotile Fioravanti, 6, 20154 Milano

Why: Because you love design and rooftop views

***Author’s note (aka me): you won’t see the photo of the pool because I felt unconfortable taking pictures of people in swimsuit :O You will have to see it with your eyes.