Withdraw Cash from Thai ATM: Comparison Between 3 Banks

Withdrawing cash from a Thai ATM with foreign credit card is quite an easy task as the money machines can be found almost anywhere tourists go and they support most international cards.

I always prefer to bring cash with me when I travel and exchange it in loco as it is the most convenient way to get the local currency. But sometimes I just can’t organize in time the shipment of several containers with all the money that I usually need. In these cases I rely on my credit card and I found out that there are significant discrepancies among the exchange rates applied by the Thai banks.

I took a screenshot of 3 different ATM’s in (almost) the same moment. I wanted to withdraw 3000 thai baht and apart from the flat flee of 220 baht per operation that is always the same here is what exchange rates would have been.

*fyi the official exchange rate for that day was 39.19 baht per 1 euro.

  • Thanachart bank
  • Siam Commercial Bank 
  • TMB Bank