Colonial Times at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

One of my favorite things to do when I am in #beautifulseasia is to explore the colonial buildings. I find the contrast with the surroundings immensely fascinating.

I was very happy that during our stay in Kuala Lumpur  we had to chance to step back in time and fully enjoy the colonial splendour of The Majestic Hotel.

When the taxi driver dropped us in front of the lobby I was a bit surprised because it definitely wasn’t a hystoric building dating back to 1930. I thought he scammed us by leaving us somewhere else but as I learnt a few moments later there was now a new building linked to the heritage one.

We were escorted to the West Wing and were offered some tea while we were waiting to be checked-in in the Colonial Suite.

Usually we start exploring new places as soon as we drop the suitcases in the room but this time we wanted to relax and enjoy the hotel’s facilities.

One of the first things I did was to take a bath in the old style bathtub while the sweetest one ordered some homemade pizza. We basically spent our first day gaining weight as our suite gave us complimentary access to the afternoon snacks, pre-dinner drinks and an awesome buffet dinner.

The afternoon royal tea ceremony looked like an unmissable experience, especially if you manage to book in advance one of the 15 spots in the Orchird Conservatory, a botanical wonder withing a glass atrium. Trust me, this place can make the heart of any fairy out there skip a beat.

The next day we continued spoiling ourselves with lavish breakfast and lunch at Contango restaurant and even managed to enjoy some time by the pool reserved only for the guest of the Colonial Wing. It felt really good to unwind while enjoying the view of the old train station of Kuala Lumpur. We were so intrigued by its architecture that we also did a quick exploration inside but in a hindsight I can tell that it’s much more beautiful from outside.

We also had the pleasure to meet with Cara, the marketing manager of the hotel, who showed us around. I found out that the rooms in the new building are not less charming that the colonial ones. They are big and modern and offer some breathtaking views of the city skyline. The contrast between the old and the new Kuala Lumpur truly impressed me. I would have stared out of the window for much longer if we hadn’t a very special wellness appointment.

Back down to earth we were ready to start our 2.5 hours spa journey. From the moment we crossed the doors we had the feeling that something special was about to take place and this feeling was inevitably correct. We completely surrendered to the gentle hands of our masseuses and escaped the stresses and strains of the day-to-day in a fantasy world.

During this stay the only thing that I regretted was that my better half doesn’t smoke. The Majestic Hotel has it own smoke house where gentlemen can gather and discuss important matters as soccer and F1, all of this with music hits from the 50s in the background or an old black and white movie. The best part is that you can even have your own exclusive dinner in there, private chef included. However, that night the venue was already booked for a private event so we had our last dinner at the Colonial Cafe which recreates the atmosphere of the halcyon days of the planters of Malaya and offers authentic classical cuisine from the colonial era. A perfect end to an unforgettable stay.

Why the Majestic Hotel? Because you enjoy a five star luxury colonial ambiance.

If you want to know more check out their website.


  • Sunita Rajwade

    WOw ! This seems like a real decadent holiday! I too love colonial hotels especially if they are well maintained and promise real luxury. What pity I didn’t know about this place when I went to KL. Perhaps the next time I will.

    • Gabi

      yes, you def have to consider it. I also tried other hotels in KL but this is the only one I would return to.