Abu Dhabi: Exploring Alwathba Fossil Dunes

Now that I will be speding more time in the UAE I want to turn it upside down and explore everything that is explorable, especially the off the beaten track attractions.

During a dinner with friends last week we heard about the Fossil Dunes, a small site with sand formations just outside Mussafah. So in the weekend we took the car and followed the directions that we found on Tripadvisor here. Tried to follow is maybe more appropriate to say as we missed the exit. Google maps rerouted us to another road which includes 2-3km of non-asphalted surface. 

In a hindsight I can tell that this road was better than the other as we saw hundreds of camels on the way. If you like this kind of encounters be sure to be around Al Wathba Camel Race Track around 5:30-6 pm. It looks like this is the time when they return from their daily walks.

And here are some photos from the Fossil Dunes. Keep in mind that there is a strict dress code – ladies are in only accepted with gowns ;). Mine was from Lama Jouni, a local and very talented designer.