Toro Toro Abu Dhabi: Scenic and Tasty Latin Food

Something that I love a lot about the life in Abu Dhabi is the fact that I can find exotic food from all over the world. Before we headed to Côte d’Azur we had the chance to visit Toro Toro, the newest Latin opening in town. It’s right under Etihad Towers and it has a wow-inspiring terrace bar with a sea view. Me and the sweetest one can’t wait for the “cold” weather to come so that we can dance the night away with salsas and bachatas under the Middle Eastern stars.

Toro Toro is the creature of the acclaimed chef Richard Sandoval who boasts a number of restaurants all over the world. When we sat on the table we figured out why. The food is not only delicious but also presented in a very creative way. A real feast for the eyes and for the palate. Amongst the many tempting plates on the menu we tried a smoked guacamole, octopus with creamy olive sauce, quinoa with aji amarillo dressing and asparagus with truffle oil.

Comida deliciosa and a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, what else do we need? Toro Toro, we will meet again soon!

Here are the pictures from our modest dinner. I got really hungry as I was preparing them, but who wouldn’t? Buen provecho!

*If you want to have a look at the menu click here.