One Hot Day at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

We went to Nikki Beach Resort in the middle of August, when the sun was shining as if  it was for the last time and the sand was so hot that walking on it reminded me of the Bulgarian fire dancers.

We immediately found respite in one of the cabanas alongside the pool, with a perfect beach view. The white sand was very inviting but off limits due to the high temperatures. I had wisely organized a couple of meetings for lunch and in the early afternoon in order to avoid fainting but I might just underestimat the limits of my body as there were plenty of people who we saw that spent the whole day there. We, on the other side, returned in the late afternoon when the beach was definitiely busier.

Something very unusual for me was that the sea water was not a refreshing option, on the contrary, it was so hot that I am quite sure it could slowly cook a bunch of asparagus. In return both pool boast a cool water and they were the best spot to watch the sun going down and the skies getting coloured in soft pink hues.

I feel like we have to return this autumn and enjoy the beach more but also try the Carribean food at the newly open Key West restaurant.

Stay tuned for updates!