4 Must Do Activities in Monaco

Monaco is undoubtedly the finest luxuries haven on the Mediterranean coast. It is more or less an extension of the French Riviera, which, as I have mentioned before, may just be the best part of France. Here you’ll find sunny weather, the best super cars and a potato soup for € 30. No surprise there are plenty of tourist stopping by for a glimpse into the lavish life.

Here are some of the most popular activities to do when in Monaco.

  1. Larvotto Beach – as with any location on the French Riviera, Monaco has some famous beaches and beachside neighborhoods. Larvotto Beach is the best known, and therefore the most crowded on a regular basis. Still, this isn’t the sort of beach where a crowd will necessarily bother you. With beachside restaurants marked by umbrellas, private beachgoers laying out in rented chairs, and sand comprised of imported fine gravel, the whole place actually feels a little bit more like an extension of the Monte Carlo city area than your typical Mediterranean beach. That’s not to say it feels artificial, but it does feel unique.
  2. Casino de Monte Carlo – Most casinos around the world can be skipped, but Casino de Monte Carlo doesn’t fall in this category. Some enjoy visiting largely because it’s been featured in a few major Hollywood films. However, it’s also enjoyable purely for its opulence and high-end gaming. The casino is perhaps most famous for its poker rooms. But it also has some incredible rooms devoted to blackjack, which is thought to be the world’s most popular casino game. Here you can enjoy this fairly simple game (also called 21) with more extravagant surroundings that you might typically associate with high-end poker tournaments. And, if you’re more into games of pure chance, there are also plenty of roulette and slot gaming options here. It’s really quite a place to enjoy yourself, provided you’re willing to spend a bit of money.
  3. Museum of Antique Automobiles – To some extent, a museum focused on antique automobiles is the sort of attraction that will only appeal to certain types of travelers. But here, there’s a certain connection to the culture and history of Monaco that comes through in some of the cars on display. You’ll see old carriages, luxury cars, and even a Rolls Royce that was once used by famous actress Grace Kelly. There’s not as much of a focus on, say, the Formula 1 racing vehicles that zip through Monte Carlo once a year during the Monaco Grand Prix. But they do convey the area’s history with Hollywood, connection to luxury, and fondness for high-end cars.
  4. Yacht Charters – Monaco is famous for a lot of things: its beaches, the casino, a few different museums, the Grand Prix, and the list goes on. But perhaps the best images of the city – the ones that encapsulate the fun-loving spirit and general wealth of the people who pass through the area – are the yachts in the main harbor. In addition to providing postcard imagery, these yachts can be used as viewing platforms for Grand Prix attendees who are willing to pay for it, and they can even be used as Airbnbs. But perhaps best of all is the chance to charter one of the yachts for a day out on the water.
  • Sunita Rajwade

    Once again a lovely way to see the world through your eyes. The South of France has always been my dream destination but I’m not too sure about Monaco….