Luxury, Dining, Spa & Casino: Saint Vincent’s Resort Has It All

Italy is renowned for celebrating the finer things in life. Saint-Vincent’s resort – complete with two hotels, Parc Hotel Billia and Grand Hotel Billia – is no stranger to luxury at all.

What Makes The Resort So Great?

Situated in the heart of the Aosta Valley in north-western Italy, the location is perfect, whether you want to hole yourself up in the hotel all weekend and take advantage of its facilities, or simply enjoy everything that the region has to offer. It’s even got a nickname – the Alps Riviera.

It’s received awards, too. For example, it got the Gold Award from, which they say is only for their tried and tested best hotels.

Of course, it’s not overrun by tourists. This gives is a nice, homely feel to the entire area, without taking anything away from the experience. After all, sometimes the least touristic locations are some of the best and most beautiful.

The Design

If you’re looking to head somewhere straight from a postcard, this resort is picture-perfect. Relying heavily on classic design with a pure, natural backdrop, you won’t be disappointed with the pics you take (seriously, this is a dream for Instagram).

While the outside retains traditional charm, the interior is incredibly modern in both hotels. It makes the perfect place for all kinds of events or occasions – a romantic getaway, a bachelor party, or even weddings.

The Casino

Casino De La Valee is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re visiting with girlfriends or a partner, you can let your hair down and explore everything that it has to offer. It was recently modernized and restored, and can now boast being one of the biggest casinos in Europe. It sits over two floors and has been open since 1947.

It has gaming areas, 600 (six hundred!!!) slots, and its own designated roulette room, where you can play three different kinds of roulette – American, French and English. The aim of each game is simple, to accurately guess which pocket a ball will land in.

American roulette is different in that it offers an additional “00” slot, which improves the house’s chance of winning, while French has a rule called “La Partage”, which results in players getting half their money back if it lands in “0”. European roulette just has a single “0” pocket. Are you in for trying your luck?

The Spa

There’s a huge focus on wellness here, and you’ll find harmony and balance in the multitude of services and facilities that they can offer. It’s almost spellbinding! You’ll be enchanted by the breath-taking views of the landscapes outside through the windows as you’re preened and pampered, or perhaps massaged.

Highlights include a cool mist shower, an ice fountain, and even a sauna. Water features heavily, too, with a stunning pool complete with Italian marble tiling. While many modern spas offer an outdoor experience, this one is as indoor, and as traditional, as they come. If you’re looking to rejuvenate, it’s the right place.

Food & Drink

There are several dining rooms on location, open around the clock. You can find a variety of food, whether for a special occasion, or a quick bite to eat. Of course, if you want food after midnight (if you’re partying all night in the casino), they’ve got you covered as well. Enjoy a range of delicious treats at the Brasserie du Casino, with its own Champagnerie.

Alternatively, La Grande Vue is an interior designer’s dream, its textiles and wood panelling provide the perfect setting for amazing dishes. If you’re interested in decor, the see-through walkways of Le Rascard will not disappoint, but then, dinner with a view in Italy really never does!

Perhaps the stand-out is 1908, though. Named after the year it was opened, and found in Grand Hotel Billia, it’s the central focal point of all things the hotels stand for.

Italy has the most influential food in the world, and after a stay here, you won’t disagree.

Is It For Me?

There’s honestly no reason not to stay at this resort. It doesn’t matter whether your intentions are to rest or to take full advantage of the surrounds, the choice really is yours. And on vacation, isn’t that the way things should be?