Around Galle Like a Local

In the last month I have been to Galle twice. Once with my fellow travelers from The Travel Hub and once with the sweetest one and our friends.

It’s a charming coastal town, rich in history, gastronomic experiences and lush beaches. Even though I have spent there three nights in total I still feel that I haven’t explored everything, especially the small concept stores selling everything made locally.

I saw most of the town during the trip with The Travel Hub because the second time we used Galle only as base for beach explorations.

As in Colombo, we did a walking tour with our local guides from Pepper Sri Lanka. They showed us around Galle Fort, explaining us the rich colonial past of the city, influenced by the Portoguese and the Dutch. It was a very strange feeling to walk European looking streets, mixed with the Souht Asian tropical vibe. We watched the sunset at the Flagrock Bastion where we witnessed the Crazy Jumpers who do exactly what the names says – the jump from the cliffs for a living, for a small fare of around 20-30 usd.

The next morning we met Chef Anthony from Owl and the Pussycat Hotel who tooks us around the local markets. There is a dedicated market for everything in Galle and we stopped by the fish, fruit and vegetable ones. The chef chose the food for the lunch he was going to prepare for us in front of hour eyes, sharing some of his culinary secrets. This was also the day when I realized that that strangely looking ginger is actually a tamarind.

The lunch itself was an absolute feast and surely one of the best in my life. A reason why I returned there another two times with my friend. But this will be the subject of another post.

For now let me show you some pictures from Galle.

Oh, and just one tip. If you need to exchange money don’t do it in the bank unless you have a spare hour to spend queueing. Much better options is the ATM or the authorised money exchangers.