The Bartizan Galle: A Step Back in Time

The Bartizan Hotel encapsulates what Galle is famous for – it’s colonial past. The building was  an old Dutch structure that has now been carefully renovated to a boutique hotel while keeping the original architectural elements intact. Perched peacefully at the edge of the Indian ocean, it felt like stepping back in time, somewhere where…

Around Galle Like a Local

It was a very strange feeling to walk European looking streets, mixed with the Souht Asian tropical vibe. We watched the sunset at the Flagrock Bastion where we witnessed the Crazy Jumpers who do exactly what the names says – the jump from the cliffs for a living, for a small fare of around 20-30 usd.

Do Thai People Really Don’t Know?

So my questions is, do Thai people really don’t know? Or they don’t want to tell? Or is it just that they don’t know how to say it in English? Probably I will figure it when I learn to speak Thai fluently. In the meantime I will try to always have battery and internet on my phone.