Withdraw Cash from Thai ATM: Comparison Between 3 Banks

I always prefer to bring cash with me when I travel and exchange it in loco as it is the most convenient way to get the local currency. But sometimes I just can’t organize in time the shipment of several containers with all the money that I usually need. In these cases I rely on my credit card and I found out that there are significant discrepancies among the exchange rates applied by the Thai banks.

Bangkok Street Style: Free

Here is the final, for now, style report from my beloved Bangkokian streets. Rather than being dedicated to a particular trend, it is a mix of all styles and genres, an amalgam that fully reflects the original and colorful fashion sense of the beautiful inhabitants of the Thai capital. The next trend observations will be…

Bangkok Street Style: Hair Colors

Daring and adventurous.These two adjectives best describe the eye-popping hair hues that reign in the streets of Bangkok and not only. From the classic (platinum) blond, the color palette evolves through the warm red/pink to the cool greenish-blue shades. Statement-making indeed. Do you like these bold hairstyles or would you rather keep it simple?

Bangkok Street Style: Men's Fashion

Having spent great part of my conscious life in Italy, I grew up with the certainty that Italians are the best dressed men in the world. While I’m still a firm believer in their leadership, I’m not convinced anymore that their distinctive fashion sense is so unreachable. To my surprise Thai guys know how to…