4 Must Do Activities in Monaco

Monaco is undoubtedly the finest luxuries haven on the Mediterranean coast. It is more or less an extension of the French Riviera, which, as I have mentioned before, may just be the best part of France. Here you’ll find sunny weather, the best super cars and a potato soup for € 30. No surprise there are…

Abu Dhabi: Exploring Alwathba Fossil Dunes

In a hindsight I can tell that this road was bettern than the other as we saw hundreds of camels on the way. If you like this kind of encounters be sure to be around Al Wathba Camel Race Track around 5:30-6 pm. It looks like this is the time when they return from their daily walks.

And here are some photos from the Fossil Dunes. Keep in mind that there is a strict dress code – ladies are in only accepted with gowns ;).

Irresistible Dessert Spot in Zürich: Conditorei Péclard

I was staring at one shop window when I realized that it actually was a pastry shop. The design was irresistible and a couple of minutes later we were inside wondering in which of the five different spaces to sit. At the end we opted for the only available table right next to the entrance with a perfect view towards the huge pastries and the vintage silver cash desk.

Exotic Asian Fare in Glamorous Monte Carlo

The tiny Principality of Monte Carlo, which is located on the French Riviera, is known for being a place where millionaires lavishly enjoy their exotic tastes. The gourmand in Monte Carlo is assured that his palate will be tantalized. Monte Carlo chefs specialize in ethnic and the regional French cuisine and even what is viewed…

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi: Our Stay

[the_ad_placement id=”after-content”]Thailand is always in my heart even when I travel to other destinations. During my last trip to Abu Dhabi I kind of hit the jackpot as we actually stayed in a Thai managed hotel – the Dusit Thani. I know this hotel very well from my Bangkokian adventures but I wasn’t aware it…