Withdraw Cash from Thai ATM: Comparison Between 3 Banks

I always prefer to bring cash with me when I travel and exchange it in loco as it is the most convenient way to get the local currency. But sometimes I just can’t organize in time the shipment of several containers with all the money that I usually need. In these cases I rely on my credit card and I found out that there are significant discrepancies among the exchange rates applied by the Thai banks.

From Bangkok to Koh Lipe: One weekend in the Tropics

So after waking up at 5 am, taking the plane, driving for 1 hour and a half and boat tripping for another 90 minutes we arrived in Koh Lipe.

The hardest question I face every time I am on an island is on which beach to stay. But in the case of Koh Lipe it is not such a big issue because the island is really small, so you could walk around it in several hours.

Expo 2015 Milano: Hello world

Buongiorno! Hola! Sawadika! Al salam aleikum! Hello! Bom Dia! Sveiki! If you were wondering how to visit 145 countries in one day, I will tell you – the answer is in Milan. And it is called Expo. The current Universal exposition started on the 1st of May and will last for six months. The central…